Bachelor Party Ideas Long Island – Hot Oil Wrestling

Hot Oil Wrestling at Billy Deans Showtime Cafe Visit Us Online @

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  1. one56day says:

    Yes that is Sexy Veseeyfrom the Tila Tequila show. She worked with us for over a year before shedid the TV show, at Billy Deans Shwtime Cafe @ Bellmore, New York

  2. bigred4464 says:

    That reree is hot. Can someone find out if she is the same girl from the original “Shot of love” with Tila Tequilla.

  3. lukey1934 says:

    hotties at 2:07 and 2:28

  4. andrewyaroshy says:


  5. shadedlane says:

    damn I need to hit up billy deans sometime

  6. xJakex77 says:


  7. one56day says:

    I know thats a funny line! Billy Deans Showtime Cafe is great!

  8. Tortue123 says:

    Hahaha, going to Olive Garden!

  9. one56day says:

    Billy Deans Is the Greatest Place to Watch Hot Oil Wrestling, Bellmore, Long Island, New York